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School equipment fund launched by Ilkley Youth and Community Association

The Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has meant that schools have been forced to close. As a result of this, many children are now being schooled at home. With schools likely to be closed for a prolonged period of time and families in a period of uncertainty, with some having to choose between food and supplies, this presents a huge challenge for those in financially challenging situations. Ilkley Youth and Community Association work regularly with a range of groups to support vulnerable children and younger people and will be continuing to do so during this pandemic. One way they are looking to achieve this is by working with local schools to identify and support those families who may not be able to afford to create a stimulating environment for their kids.

A spokesperson from Ilkley Youth and Community Association told Ilkley Chat: 'Schools should be sending home school work aligning with the curriculum but we want to help provide additional equipment such as pens, paper, craft materials and other identified relevant equipment to help parents ensure children have the ability to continue their education at home during what could be an extended period of time off school.'

'Any funds raised will be used to purchase and distribute equipment to those in need and will be done in conjunction with relevant groups to ensure families who need support with this during this difficult time will have access to it.' 'If you wish to donate you can do so here or if you wish to contact us regarding help you may be able to offer please email'


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