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Stead Hall fillies strip for Manorlands

Scantily clad ladies from a Burley-in-Wharfedale livery yard are raising funds for Manorlands Hospice in Oxenhope in the style of the renowned calendar girls.

Hannah Fearnley, who runs Stead Hall Farm Livery Yard, explains how the idea came about: “My father, Alan, sadly died of cancer a little over a year ago. He was, with my mother Liz, the founder of Stead Hall Farm Livery, and was much loved and missed by everyone involved at the farm. Manorlands were amazing in the care and support they provided to Dad in his final weeks. We wanted to do something in Dad’s memory, but also to support Manorlands, who have struggled financially in recent times.

It isn’t only Dad and our family that Manorlands have helped, they have helped the family and friends of many of the clients at the yard, as a group we feel a close connection to Manorlands. Vicky Bye, who works with me at the yard, suggested the calendar as a way of raising funds, not only in Dad’s memory, but in recognition of that close connection. We want to do what we can to enable Manorlands to carry on providing the invaluable service that is so needed that we and others have benefitted from.”

Gill Allinson, who keeps 2 horses at Stead Hall Farm, and a professional photographer, kindly took all the photographs for free. Gill said: ”It was no mean feat taking the photographs, involving a number of people, outdoors, and horses with no mishaps! There is, however, one unfortunate unsuspecting jogger that we do have to apologise to, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was setting up the May photo, which involved 5 naked women artfully standing beside a gate on a lane to the yard. The jogger came past just as I was about to take the photo, I am not sure if he will ever recover!”

The calendar is on sale now at £10 plus p&p and can be purchased online at

If you would like to donate to the Stead Hall Fillies Justgiving page in support of Manorlands, the link is


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