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Trial bin scheme in Ilkley Riverside East Holmes Field

Larger trade waste bins will be located at various entry/exit points

With summer, improved weather and visitor numbers fast approaching a trial scheme to manage litter better has been introduced in Ilkley Riverside East Holmes Field.

Existing litter bins have been relocated elsewhere in the park and visitors and residents are being reminded and encouraged to use the larger trade waste bins located at the various entry/exit points.

Despite an increased schedule to empty the bins and additional litter picking carried out by the Friends of Ilkley Riverside Park, the park litter bins can soon fill and overflow, at which point people stack waste at the side. Unfortunately evidence has shown that the more visible litter is, the more likely people are to drop litter or add to the exiting mounds at the side of the bin - litter breeds litter.

Whilst recognising that the majority of people are keen to act responsibly, littering in the park is problematic, discarding picnic/takeaway packaging and food, cans and bottles at the side of bins is unsightly, a frequent cause of complaint and can cause risk and harm particularly to children, animals and wildlife.

Cllr Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Healthy People and Places said: ‘Removing the bins from this area of the park is an opportunity to encourage people to act responsibly and play their part in keeping the park a clean and safe environment. We will keep the situation under review and ask for people’s cooperation in either using the larger bins at exit points or taking their litter home.

“It’s important to stress that the bins haven’t been removed completely but placed elsewhere in the park so overall there is more capacity than before. We appreciate that there will be some impact on people’s normal practice but we would ask for resident and visitor support in dealing with this problem.”


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