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Views sought on proposed Ben Rhydding Park and Rail

Ilkley Town Council are asking residents for their thoughts on a proposed park and rail in Ben Rhydding.

The site is currently part of a feasibility study being carried out by Bradford Council for West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA).

WYCA says on its website:: "The feasibility will look at options to increase parking provision and any infrastructure requirements.  

Ben Rhydding rail station is one of 14 projects within Phase 1 of our Rail Park and Ride Programme, which has been designed to increase station parking and provide people with increased access to train services. In turn, this will help reduce congestion, improve local air quality and enhance people’s access to jobs, training and apprenticeship opportunities, as well as leisure activities."     

Ilkley Town Councillor Tom Franks asked for residents views via twitter:

"The site proposed for Park and Rail at Ben Rhydding. The feasibility study is in hand, so Ilkley Town Council wants to promote discussion before it becomes too far advanced. Let us know your views."


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