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Westville House School Valentines Bun Sale for MIND

The Valentine's charity bun sale at Westville House School

Westville House School in Ilkley, welcomed Gemma Green the Community Fundraising Officer at Leeds MIND who assisted their Junior Leadership Team Valentines Bun Sale.

Jules Coulthurst, Head of JLT explains; "The children, parents and teachers at Westville House can always be relied upon to deliver, when it comes to fundraising for this year's chosen school charity, MIND.

"The Junior Leadership Team have been tireless in their planning and organisation to raise as much money for Children's Mental Health Week, by holding a giant Valentines bake sale as part of the national theme, 'Growing Together'."

Gemma thoroughly enjoyed assisting the team; “Leeds MIND are delighted to have been chosen as Westville House’s supported charity. It was my pleasure to attend their Valentine themed bake sale today, particularly during children’s mental health week. It was a privilege to meet members of the school's Junior Leadership Team who, despite disruptions due to Covid-19 have been organising fundraising events over the past 12 months. We are so grateful for their enthusiasm, dedication and support and are looking forward to attending future events.”

Over £224 was raised during the event, and the team are already planning the next fundraiser for this vital charity.


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