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Professor to speak at The Friends of Ilkley Moor AGM


Dr Graeme Swindles Associate Professor of Earth System Dynamics will be the guest Speaker at The Friends of Ilkley Moor AGM at The Clarke Foley Centre Ilkley on Friday April 12 starting at 7.30pm.


Dr Swindles is an Earth systems scientist who works on topics concerning both past And present-day environmental change. His work crosses the disciplines of ecology palaeoecology and geology. He has a particular interest in peatland eco-hydrological dynamics, the carbon cycle, and how peatlands respond to environmental change.


He said “I will outline why global peatlands are important from Amazonia to the Artic via Ilkley Moor, in terms of carbon storage, ecology and the records of the past they store. I will discuss the work I am currently undertaking on Ilkley Moor and what we have planned for the future.”


All are welcome to the meeting, wine and cheese will be provided.

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