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Record numbers for Solstice Swim at Ilkley Lido

A record 276 swimmers took the plunge this morning at sunrise for the Summer Solstice Swim at Ilkley Lido.

Those who arrived at 4.30am on the longest day of the year to brave the 16C water were warmed up with hot sandwiches and drinks from the cafe.

Davy Simpson, from the Friends of Ilkley Lido, told Stray FM:

"We've been arranging this for the last five years or so. With it being midsummer's day we're trying to get people in to enjoy the daylight hours."

"It's about 16 or 17 degrees [in the pool] today. They've had to drain some of the water earlier in the week and they've just been filling it up so it's not warmed up as much.

"Normally about this time it's around low 20s. But it's definitely fine to be in your trunks or your shorts."

Ilkley Lido is open every day until the end of summer, details of times and costs are available on the Bradford Council website.

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