MP calls for tough line on laughing gas

Keighley & Ilkley MP Robbie Moore is calling for a tougher stance on the sale of Nitrous Oxide cannisters, after hundreds of constituents complained about them being discarded.

In particular, the area around Ilkley Riverside has been highlighted.

There is currently no punishment for possession of equipment related to the drug - known as 'Laughing Gas' or 'Nos' - despite its harmful nature. Users often discard empty cannisters on the street or in parks, and residents have been contacting the MP in their hundreds to highlight the risks associated with casual use of the drug as well as the litter problem.

Mr Moore says he's asked the government to tighten up regulations on the sale, supply and production of the drug.

Supply of the drug has been illegal since 2016 due to its psychoactive effect, although it isn’t legally classed as a drug in the same way cannabis, ecstasy or cocaine is. Due to the use of the gas in catering, it is often easy for people to get hold of.