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New virtual permits worrying some Ilkley residents

As reported by Ilkley Chat at the start of July, Bradford Council have now introduced virtual parking permits in Ilkley to replace the paper ones.

Residents have started receiving letters from the council explaining how they should register online and old ‘out of date’ paper permits won’t be honoured after 15 August 2020. The letter explains an online account needs to bet setup first, and once registered, a permit can be applied for.

For visitor permits you will need to input the registration of the visiting vehicle and update your online account each time there is a change of visitor, your account can store up to 10 different visitor registrations.

However, Fiona Mann, whose mother lives in Ilkley told Ilkley Chat not everyone is tech savvy:

“I have just negotiated the nightmare that is the Bradford Council resident / visitor parking permit system for my elderly mother-in-law who is currently awaiting a hip replacement and is not fluent with the internet.”

“Aside from the effrontery of demanding I upload insurance documents and the log-book, I can only apply for one visitor permit for up to 10 cars, only one of which can use the permit at any one time and my mother-in-law (or I) need to log in each time she has a visitor to change the 'active' vehicle using the permit.”

“In other words every time she has a new visitor covered by the visitor permit, she has to ring me to make that vehicle 'active'. And despite the fact that she is practically house-bound, she is not allowed more than one visitor at a time!!!”

The Ilkley Gazzette has reported that a number of other residents have contacted District Councillor Anne Hawkesworth with their concerns over the change from paper permits.

The council did say earlier in the year, where people don’t have access to a computer, they can use the computers at the local library, which is yet to reopen, or ask a friend or relative to create an account or use a smart phone.

The letter from the council warns ‘if you have not set up a permit account you may receive a penalty charge notice (PCN) from 16 August 2020.’

Anyone needing assistance or further information is asked to contact Parking Services on 01274 434300.


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